I, hereby declare that I have read and thoroughly gone through the Memorandum of Understanding of MINDADMISSION SOLUTION LLP and have agreed to all its terms and conditions and only thereafter had made payment thereto.

Apart from the Memorandum of Understanding I understand and agree to the following terms and conditions:-

  • Payment Policy:-

MindAdmission Solution LLP will accept payments only through Online payment mode/Cheque/DD. Cash payments will not be acceptable which please note. Payment has to be made as per the prescribed timeline for each program and non-adherence to the same will cost application of late fee to the students. Besides this, non-adherence to the installment timeline for the Program will restrain the students from appearing for examinations. 

  • Refund Policy:- 

The amount paid as registration fees, examination fees, and re-valuation fees are non-refundable. A refund can be claimed by students by making a proper written application to MindAdmission Solution LLP. Only 60% of the entire payment amount shall be refundable and the students will not be entitled to claim the remaining 40% in any case. All the refunds will be made only by way of cheque by MindAdmission Solution LLP. Refunds will be effected only on submitting the original copy of the payment receipt issued by MindAdmission Solution LLP. Cancellation of admission due to providing of false, wrong, forged information/documents by the students will dis-entitle the students from claiming any refund. MindAdmission Solution LLP can cancel students’ admission who are in-eligible due to non-compliance/non-payment of Program fees within the prescribed time duration and no refund will be provided in such cases. MindAdmission Solution LLP will not be responsible for any refund arising out of any failure in online payments. The refund will be initiated within 45-60 days from the date of application for refund. 

  • Access to the website:-

Students will be given access to MindAdmission Solution LLP website only after making payment thereto. Students will be provided online career counselling through webinars, videos, as well as online/offline study materials, once registered/enrolled. Study material will be provided to students through online books, online lectures/session videos, training materials, etc. Students enrolling for the program are restrained from misusing the information and material on the website.

  • Information Ownership/CopyRight 

MindAdmission Solution LLP are the exclusive owners of all the information and/or study material on its website as well as the hard copies thereof. Information and online study material on the website are for the personal use of enrolled/registered student and not for commercial use. Students will attract in-crimination for copy-writing, mis-using, tampering with the information on the website of MindAdmission Solution LLP. Online books and other study material on MindAdmission Solution LLP website are exclusively for study purposes for the enrolled/registered students and they are refrained from publishing, providing the same to any third party and any such mischievous act by the students or any other person shall make him/her liable for penal actions under proper law.

  • Law and Jurisdiction 

Any dispute arising shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Pune and shall be governed by the laws prevailing in this jurisdiction.

All the terms and conditions of the MOU as well as the instant declaration are mandatory and binding on the person registering and entering into a transaction with MindAdmission Solution LLP by making payment of fees.

Hence this declaration.