Why Mind Admission?


Desktop & Mobile App
The student zone can be accessed through the app, which displays all your courseware, and other relevant information.
Digital Library
Our vast repository of online scholarly articles, case studies, and much more are available to you, for getting a better understanding of the programs and modules that you are studying.

The student support mechanism is designed to keep the working professionals time restrictions and availability of resources.

  • 24*7 Online support.
  • 1 Relationship Manager assigned for every 100 students.
  • Voice Support ( 10.00 AM To 6.00 PM).

Mind Admission can assist you in placements by sending you mails on

  • Status of current job market and trends
  • Guiding you on resume building
  • Opportunities available in the market
  • Frequently asked interview questions
  • Interviews Tips

Career Development and Assistance

  • Career Forum
  • Learning Portal
  • Career Counselling
  • Practice Interview 1
  • Practice Interview 2
  • Job Search Support