Why MBA Rural Management Is Important In India

An MBA in Rural Management empowers an individual to apply their management principles within a rural landscape. This course enables an individual to work for companies that primarily operate in a rural setting, such as, micro-finance firms, FMCG firms, Rural Banks, agriculture firms, etc.


Rural Management refers to the study of planning, organizing, directing and controlling rural areas, cooperatives, agri-business and allied fields. The curriculum is designed to make it contextual to develop rural areas through experiential learning, live projects.

Rural Management in india

The MBA (Rural Management) program is unique in the sense that in addition to traditional management courses such as Project Management, Accounting, Human Resources, Quantitative Techniques, Managerial Analysis and Communication, Finance, Marketing Management, many specialized courses focusing on management of rural sector are offered.

Agribusiness Management, Rural Production and Livelihoods, Rural Finance and Commercial Banking, Natural Resources Management and Climate Change, Rural Marketing, CSR Management, Micro Finance, ICTs for Development, Innovation in Rural Development and Enterprises, Policy and Program Interventions in Rural Development are some of the courses especially focusing on the rural sector.

Anyone who completes MBA (Rural Management) has the advantage of having career opportunities in any general management area. In addition to that, Rural Management graduates alone are preferred in specific areas mentioned above.

MBA in Rural Management grooms a candidate professionally for developing and making plans that are systematic and can help in the uplifting of the rural areas. With an MBA degree, an aspirant develops several skills necessary for managing the difficulties that he/she can come across during on-field jobs. MBA helps him/her to develop a personality and traits that are helpful in communicating with people and convincing them about strategies that can be helpful. A candidate is expected to have a friendly attitude and should possess a feeling towards rural community and an attitude to work for them. This course, works towards molding the candidates, who have a heart for the rural area and a mind that thinks and talks business. By pursuing MBA in rural management the individuals, as well as groups, imbibe in them a sense of respect for those who are less-privileged and are poor.

The best part of this course is that there are a number of government jobs on offer for the candidates. The careers that you can pursue after successful completion of this course are government sector, NGO, Corporate research Projects, NABARD, Grameen bank, etc. On completion of the course, the students can either get an opportunity to work for the government. Along with that, there are a number of non-government organizations (NGOs) where the professionals can get an opportunity to utilize their knowledge and explore the possibilities for the betterment of society.

  • There are several projects and researches that are funded by corporate and these can prove to be good opportunities for the MBA rural management pass outs.
  • The students can also get an opportunity to work in banks like NABARD, Grameen Bank, etc.

Mind Admission offers MBA in Rural Management. The course imparts field-specific knowledge and educates the candidates about various trends in the industry.

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