Reasons to Add MBA to Your CV

Reasons to Add MBA to Your CV.

For each/maximum job vacancy that comes out in the market, hundreds and sometimes even thousands of candidates apply. You can understand what a cumbersome task it is for the recruiters to choose and shortlist candidates to a manageable number, for an interview session. How do they do it? Well, by picking those individuals who not only have desired qualifications but also unique and additional skill sets to go with it.

The best way to acquire allied qualifications, diplomas or skill set is to add specialized mba to your resume. Such programs fall under e-learning which is soaring in popularity every day in both academics as well as business education. According to an online trends education report, 71% of online students  job and employment goals as a major reason for enrolling, including shifting to a new career field (35%) and earning academic credentials in a current field of work (31%). The bottom line is that online courses are integral to your educational qualification and career growth.

However, if you are still debating its advantages:

Stand out in an Interview:
A resume that has multiple qualifications, certificate programs and numerous skills definitely makes a candidate stand out in a crowd. It gives you a great standing in an interview and is a conversation initiator. With a number of online certificates in your work domain, it is easier for you to steer your interview towards subject knowledge you have gained in these programs. Discussion on your technical expertise and motivation to undergo these courses obviously gives you an upper hand as it is easier for you to answer the questions on your core strengths.

One thing that every organization looks for in a candidate is his or her effectiveness and utility. The first question in their minds is “how can this person add value to the organization?” A professional with multiple certificate courses reflects a continuous zeal to learn and grow. Such people are considered versatile, hardworking and adaptable, in simple words they are valuable assets to the organization. At the same time, online certificate courses can come quite handy in global placements. If you are planning to relocate abroad for career prospects, you can enrol in the online courses offered in a particular career skill or subject matter by the e-learning institutions of that country. This will give you insight into their job landscape, expected skill set and even culture.

Better Salaries:
An employee with multiple qualifications is valuable. Needless to say, valuable people command fat paychecks! This is because they bring a wide range of expertise to the organization and can fit into multiple roles. Even though more and more professionals are turning to these online programs, the number is still low. Therefore, for bettering your career prospect and salary scale, it is definitely a road to take. If you have qualified an online certificate program, then you must highlight it in your resume.

A specialised mba adds value to your existing professional prowess. It is a good idea to take them from time to time, to upgrade you. These courses keep you on top of latest developments in the subject matter as well as technology related to it. It is also equally important to highlight them on your resume and mint the advantages when applying for new job opportunities.

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