The Need for Career Counselors

Do you remember the time when the first thing you did each morning did not involve rolling over and checking your phone? Impossible, right? Whether it involves a quick text to a friend, a post on social media, or a work-from-home task, technology is firmly embedded in today’s culture.

This is indeed an age of “digital natives”— born into the Internet world and learning how to use their fingers to operate smartphones and tablets at the onset. In such times, the arena of education and work is also perpetually changing. Jobs that didn’t exist five to ten years ago have emerged, and the idea that you would be glued to one career for an entire lifetime has been left in the dust.

Career options in the decades gone by were meager and limited. The majority would prefer to stick to the popular career choice of the time (engineers, doctors) due to the social prestige attached to the professions. Now, however, the Internet and mobile phones have prepared the masses for the next boom. This has created enormous opportunities for people in sectors such as e-commerce, healthcare, entertainment, and education, offering better lifestyles.

India is gearing up to be the youngest country by 2022 with an average age of 29. This means, as of now, there are more youngsters in India as compared to the rest of the countries. Given the bewildering multiplicity of jobs on offer, job seekers need timely and relevant career advice. But there simply aren’t enough career counselors to steer this massive chunk of human resources towards the right direction to ensure the country can utilize its demographic dividend.

There is a burning need of career counselors in the digital age of education. Career counseling entails much more than merely choosing a job and hoping to stay in that job for the rest of your life. Career counselors endeavor to help students deal with their work or education-related worries and pain — and empower them to use that to heal themselves, help others, make a career and undertake social contributions.

In career counseling, the proliferation of technology has brought multiple facets of development. Due to the growth of information and communication, career counselors are beginning to leverage technology to offer several facilities through innovative means.

Online Counseling

To members of the millennial generation, receiving counseling services through the web or through calls that meet their needs seems perfectly natural.

Most people are not aware that hobbies and interests can often become their best sources of income. For people who love flexibility in work, there are many industries especially on the lookout for such an arrangement. The solution lies in offering the right counseling to students at the right time.

Mind Admission offers one-on-one personalized Skype/Zoom sessions to enable students to explore their career options and answer admissions-related queries. We help you realize your potential and opt for the right career path. Using mobile devices, students can connect to a career counselor and dig out information about prospective career options. Such counseling offers new avenues for job seekers and has the potential to bring about a revolution in the job market, generating massive employment opportunities.

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