Top Trending Distance MBA Specializations

Multiple job offers aside, there are plenty of other reasons why an MBA is a coveted qualification. Whether its hands-on skills of strategizing and leadership qualities that budding entrepreneurs hope to gain, time management crucial to working professionals or the pride of a post graduate degree it provides, MBA is one of the most preferred degrees that helps you build a dream career.

While regular MBA helps you gain the necessary expertise by imparting both theoretical knowledge and practical expertise, it is the distance learning MBA that is on an upswing. It is difficult for hundreds of thousands of global working professionals to go for a regular program without having a monthly income, and this is where a distance learning degree comes into effect.

However, choosing an MBA specialization can be as tough and confusing as the decision to choose a career or deciding which university to pursue the program from. The choice of your MBA specialization ultimately boils down to your priorities. You may choose a field as per your interest area, the job availability (market demand) or to upskill in your current job profile by gaining as much knowledge on the subject area as possible.

Top Trending MBA Specializations in India.

Marketing and Sales

Those who love to interact with clients and who are creative, innovative, and can influence people easily must opt for marketing as their specialization. MBA in Marketing and sales teaches subjects such as Consumer Behavior, Advertising Management, Competitive Marketing, Product and Brand Management, Marketing Communications Management and Customer Relationship Marketing.

Whether your interest area lies in Digital Marketing, Media Planning, Product Management or Sales Management, a distance learning MBA in Marketing will give you the chance to explore similar jobs in a variety of sectors.

Finance and Accounting

Those who are passionate on crunching numbers and are comfortable relegating to the background with balance sheets may do well with a Finance & Accounting specialization.

The irresistible packages offered in some of the finance-related jobs are responsible for the high influx of MBA grads into the finance stream. Studying MBA in Finance you’ll get to study statistics, accounting and analytics. After successful completion, you are likely to land a job in sectors of Asset Management, Finance Ministry, Stock Market, Derivatives Structuring and Corporate Banking.

Human Resource Management

An MBA with specialization in Human Resource Management will equip you with all the key skills, concepts and the knowledge to acquire, manage and retain workforce within an organization in a systematic and organized manner.

The program gives you a basic overview and working knowledge of recruitment, selection, training and development, designing jobs, assessments and motivation (promotions/rewarding performance of employees), health and safety, compensation and managing exits from a company.

Information Technology

Technology has now extended to almost every sector and has raised the demand for professionals with business and advanced technical expertise.

An MBA in Information Technology Management is designed to educate managers to effectively manage systems analysis, network security, data analytics, supply chain management, and e-business along with managerial decision-making as well as project management.

Operations Management

Business Operations is the specialization for those who have technical or engineering backgrounds and have a passion for men and machines, and backend processes where the real action takes place. The specialized field facilitates the process of delivering value to the end consumer by enhancing productivity, quality, cost, and turnaround time.

Hospital & Healthcare Management

A specialization in this domain will not only polish your entrepreneurial and business management skills but will help you gain an in-depth knowledge and practical intricacies of hospitals, pharmaceuticals, clinical research, public healthcare establishment or any other healthcare organizations. Besides helping you effectively manage people, finances and organizational resources, it will help you determine the quality standards essential to provide a high level of patient care service and improve outcomes in healthcare organizations.

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