Why Government Recognition is important for distance MBA

A larger student body in elementary and secondary schools has contributed to a growing interest in furthering one’s education at the university level. The University Grants Commission is responsible for making recommendations for evening colleges, correspondence courses, and external degrees (UGC).
Access to higher education is one of the top priorities of this initiative, with the overarching goal being to broaden its scope to include more people living in rural areas and other remote locations.
The content, delivery mode, evaluation, and overall breadth of a programme that is offered via a distant learning school cannot be equaled by any other kind of educational establishment.
Learners have access to a variety of perks, including the ability to study at their own speed, flexible scheduling options, assistance from subject matter experts, opportunities to build professional networks, and recent information.

Why are approvals considered to be so important?

Over the course of the last several decades, there has been a meteoric growth in the number of schools that are capable of providing students with a remote education. Because of this, it is very necessary for these educational establishments to first get their accreditation from the UGC and AICTE before they can begin instructing pupils.
Even when students engage in online learning or other forms of distance education, educational institutions have a responsibility to guarantee that the high standards associated with higher education are maintained. In order for educational institutions to be granted accreditation by the University Grants Commission, they are required to go through a rigorous inspection procedure.
The panel requires universities to provide evidence that each facet of their operations, including the administration, the faculty, the facilities, and the curriculum, are up to the required standard. Inspections of this kind are very important since only colleges that pass inspections of this kind may be deemed qualified to satisfy the educational requirements of students.
As a result, there is a need for a bureau to be established in order to coordinate and manage the administration as well as the online infrastructure of these educational institutions. This process is time- consuming and entails many rounds of investigation since prospective students are unable to analyse every facet of an educational establishment before submitting an application to attend.
Despite the fact that only universities that have been granted accreditation by the UGC are allowed to award legal degrees to students, there is a large number of universities in the field of higher education.
It is very important for a student’s future job to attend a college or university that has received its accreditation, since this helps students differentiate between authentic and fraudulent schools.


The government of India has established organizations with the mission of monitoring and directing the activities of the higher education system in the nation. Students who are interested in pursuing higher education in online format absolutely need the assistance of regulatory organizations.
As a consequence of this, in order for institutions to provide educational services, they are required to get approval from the UGC. Prospective students are required to make sure that the university they want to attend has been given permission by the UGC before enrolling there. Should they fail to do so, the degree they have earned will not be acknowledged.

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