Why Study Electrical and Communication Engineering

B.Tech is an extremely popular course in India and all over the world. One main reason for this is that this is a very fast developing field and it offers several good opportunities to students. Electrical and Communication Engineering is one of the branches of engineering. This branch of engineering deals with the design of circuits and electronic devices. It is a very important branch of engineering that opens up a wide range of possibilities for students.

Of late, the world is seeing a rise in digital transformation. This makes the field of engineering evolve as well. Several important topics are covered within this branch of engineering, like antenna and wave progression. Since the entire field is evolving every day, there are a large number of career opportunities in the field.

What is the eligibility criteria for electrical and communication engineering?

Any student who has completed their higher secondary examinations with a minimum aggregate of 50% with science with computers as their stream, can apply for admission. Admissions are based on merit, so students with higher grades would always be given preference.

Scope of ECE

This field has seen many advancements in recent years. This means that there is a higher scope for future endeavours in the field of ECE. This includes both academic and career-related opportunities. Every industry today is hiring professionals from the field of engineering. These include defence, electronics, robotics, mechanics, automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, computer networking, power electronics, embedded systems, steel and petroleum engineering, telecommunication engineering, wireless communications and many more. Here are some of the common job profiles for students

Some of the common job profiles for students are as follows

  1. ● Network planning engineer
  2. ● Technical director
  3. ● Communication Engineer
  4. ● Electrical engineers
  5. ● Customer service engineer
  6. ● Electronic design engineer
  7. ● Research and development engineer
  8. ● Field test engineer
  9. ● Service engineer
  10. ● Electronics technician

Students opting for this field can be assured that the salary packages for these job profiles are also very high. One can expect salaries between 4 to 7 Lakh per annum after graduation. Compared to other industries these are very high salary packages. Students can also opt for further education. After spending a few years working, students can opt for higher education. Some great options for this include M.Tech, MBA or a masters in any field.

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